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Our Vision

We are dedicated to preparing godly leaders within our community who will be the “salt of the earth,” full of hope, excelling in their educational pursuits, fulfilling their call, serving and exemplifying the Lord Jesus Christ with all their heart, soul and mind.

Humboldt Community Christian School integrates Christian discipleship with academic achievement and cultural appreciation to prepare future leaders and citizens, and to equip students to grow into adults who think clearly, communicate effectively, and pray fervently. We share the hope we have found in Jesus Christ with our students and their families, coming along side them to meet their intellectual, physiological, and spiritual needs.

HCCS was established in 1980 to provide a quality education to students in the surrounding area regardless of their family income. Over 30 years later generations of students have passed through our doors to become productive members of society and our doors are still open to all families in the Humboldt Park area of Chicago.

Individual attention

Students are part of small, student-centered classrooms. An average class size of 15 allows teachers to quickly discover the learning style of each student and challenge each one toward his or her best work. Each student interacts daily with computers, including scheduled time in an Internet-equipped computer lab and use of individual computers in their classrooms. Additional help is available in our Discovery Room for students who struggle with basic skills.

Spiritual development

Students are surrounded by a staff of committed Christians who take their spiritual well-being seriously. Students participate in daily devotional and prayer times with their homeroom teacher, study the Bible as an academic subject, and participate weekly in a chapel led by area pastors and occasionally their own classmates.

Appreciation for diverse cultures

Students learn to appreciate different cultures as a reflection of God's own creativity. International Week and Missions Week are concentrated examples of the kinds of events in which our students participate throughout the school year. As our society becomes increasingly multi-ethnic, learning to appreciate and care for one another is not only a Biblical mandate, but also a much needed life skill.

Our students come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Those of Hispanic heritage make up 83% of the student body, while those of African heritage make up 12%. The remaining 5% represents several other ethnic groups.

Honoring God

The families represented by each student also vary in their understanding of God...from not knowing Him at all to being involved in area churches from a variety of denominations that direct their families to us because they trust the education we provide and know that our purpose is to honor the Lord through what and how we teach.


Humboldt Community Christian School offers:

  • small class sizes that allow individual attention for your child
  • a safe, secure, and nurturing environment
  • a holistic approach to education
  • a demonstrated commitment to Christ-centered education for over 30 years
  • celebration of cultural diversity
  • affordable tuition based on the number of children and family income
  • a computer lab with Internet access
  • a hot lunch program (see our Wellness Policy)
  • before (7-8:15AM) and after school (-6:00PM) care

HCCS is registered with the State of Illinois and a member of Christian Schools International.

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Applications are available by e-mail and at the office.

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