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The ABCs of HCCS

At Humboldt Community Christian School, our commitment is to the development of the whole child:


At Humboldt Community Christian School, we recognize that every student is unique, and that children learn in different ways. Our small class sizes encourage our students to work together to achieve academic excellence, but also think independently.


HCCS is committed to helping students understand Christ’s teachings. We work to inspire faithful disciples of Christ who embody spiritual values, hold fast to biblical truths, and live out a commitment to God. We minister not only to our students, but also to their families, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.


At HCCS, we embrace and celebrate cultural diversity as a reflection of God’s own creativity. We teach our students to have pride in themselves and respect for others in a multi-cultural society. We pray that this helps them to make a positive difference in this world, and to lead lives rooted in Christ.