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History Fair was a success!

Posted 2¬†years ago

On March 11th, we held our first ever History Fair. All HCCS students worked hard in researching and creating their projects to showcase. It was a wonderful day presenting all that the students had researched. Fun was had by all who attended. 

  • Pre-k and Kindergarten presented/learned about the United States symbols including the US flag and Liberty Bell. 
  • Wearing all green, Humboldt's first grade class researched about the Statue of Liberty.
  •  2/3rd grade class created their own wax museum. Their biographies came to life.
  • Individual US state reports were given by our 4th graders. 
  • Adding to our collection of projects, 5/6th grade focused their research on the changes in history.
  • Lastly, 7/8th grade focused their research projects on different countries in our world looking at history, geography, and economics. 

Great research done by all. Thank you for all that participated!