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June 2015 Newsletter

Posted 1¬†year, 9¬†months ago

HCCS Graduate George Velazquez, Jr. pictured above

June 2015 HCCS Newsletter

From The Principal’s Office

For 35 years Humboldt CCS has integrated Christian discipleship with academic achievement and cultural appreciation to bring about holistic growth in our students, thus enabling them to live a full and hopeful life here in our own community. We regularly see the impact our graduates are making in our local high schools, in college, and in their careers, seeing families being touched by the love of Christ. He used only 12 ordinary men to change the world, and yes, a small group of dedicated believers CAN change a community.

A couple 'Friends of Humboldt' wanted to contribute to holistic impact by giving every 7th & 8th grade student $50 to go out and serve others.  Through varied and wonderful ideas, our students not only blessed others but were blessed themselves. Their projects included giving personal items to at-risk teen girls, supplies to a daycare center, personal items for soup kitchen clients, and a goat and chickens for a village in Africa. In addition to these experiences:

"I chose to buy food to give to homeless people. My family and I went to stores to buy the products, put everything in the refrigerator and pantry, then went to bed. The next morning we got up and prepared 25 meals of rice, corned beef, corn, banana, brownie, and water. When we talked to the people, every one of them told us, 'Focus on school and don't make decisions that will lead you to where I am now.' I was surprised that every person we met believed in Christ, so it made us feel like we belong together. Through the hardships, these men and women survive because of their faith in the true God. I had one of the best times of my life, and so did my friends and family." – Albert Crespo

 "The reason my group wanted to help the homeless was we felt bad for them. If I was in their position I would want people to help me. My partner and I went downtown to feed the homeless and build tents for them. We put the snacks in a zipper bag and knocked on their tents and gave it to them. We went under bridges and built the tents we bought, then talked to the people. It made me feel generous for the things I have and realize there are people out there who have it worse than me. I'm thankful for my parents who support me to go to a private school." – Nickolas Torres

"We used our money for boys and girls in need because we know that they are going through tough times. It was a good idea because it's hard for people to not have soap to wash themselves and to be embarrassed. This project made me feel helpful, that we could give back to people who really needed it. It feels like it is my (Carmen) calling to help kids in the future and be a child psychologist. I want to help kids before they decide to do anything bad and change the world." – Carmen Cintron & Olivia Flores

Also, we are always thrilled to hear how Julia Berrios Class of 2005, George Velazquez Class of 2011, and so many others are bringing change where they live and work. Thank you for your support to keep this work alive – consider today how you might contribute. - Debra Flores

                                           Alumni Corner

If you have ever wondered about what happens to students once they graduate from Humboldt Community Christian School you will truly enjoy this story of success.  George Velazquez, Jr. was one of the bright up and coming students here at HCCS.  This year he graduates college, is being honored as one of the outstanding students at DePauw University, has a 3.01 GPA, and he owns WynWay Technologies, which he started from the ground up!

George attended Noble Street Charter’s main campus after attending HCCS and was awarded a full scholarship from the Posse Foundation for college.  Not forgetting his roots, he produced an intro video for the Bright Promise Fund’s website while standing right in front of the HCCS doors.  In college he garnered a number of awards, held leadership positions in over five major campus committees, was accepted in Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, received international acknowledgement, and had recognition from the Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce in Greencastle.  George continues to build his knowledge and his business while serving others who are new to the campus.  Just think, he started here at HCCS at the age of 13.  The power of God is positively amazing.

George, Sr. had this to say on behalf of his son and HCCS: “As his father, I cannot express how proud I am of his achievements.  He has not only represented our family with honor but has also exemplified the value of the quality education that he received while attending Humboldt Community Christian School.  Thank you again for being a part of his life and ongoing success story.  To God be the Glory!”

Hearing of his success and hearing from his father brings it all to the forefront.  Getting a foundation in a faith-based school is a good way to develop the talent that God has given his children.  That’s something to think about.  Well done, George.  HCCS is proud of you.


                                           Student spot

Recent election in the 2/3rd grade room:

 "Vote for Julia! I'll make a way for people to get help with homework. I am hard working like a president and with your help I will be class president. Vote for Julia, and I'll let you pick your lunch. That's important because some kids don't like the lunch they're given. Vote for Julia and I'll make peace programs so if someone has a problem then it will be solved peacefully." –Julia’s campaign poster

Another candidate, Ronnie, gave a speech that stated, “I have critical thinking skills that would make me a good class president.”

            *          *          *          *          *          *

International night we delighted in celebrating the different cultures around the world. Our students showcased what they have learned throughout the night and ended with singing “We Believe”, proclaiming our faith in our Lord.


                                          Teacher Top Ten 

Our teachers are tremendously dedicated, put in long hours, and make less than ½ a public school teacher's salary. They view their positions as a calling from God and are grateful for this privilege of serving Him. Here is a "TOP TEN" list for why they teach at Humboldt:


  1.  Preparation for parenting
  2.  10,000,000,000 pictures (from Kdg.)        
  3.  Supportive and loving children & parents
  4.  Being right where God wants you to be
  5.  Great co-workers
  6.  Thoughtful donors
  7.  Taking students to volunteer at the local  homeless shelter
  8.  Access to great Chicago field trips
  9.  Integrating biblical concepts in all subjects
  10.  Retreat in October, collaborating together
  11.  Praying & worshiping with students

 And the last one is a BONUS!!