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March Newsletter

Posted 1 year ago

March 2016


From the

Principal’s Office:


Four of the reasons a family listed for sending their children to Christian schools -- to have Jesus' story retold, to be part of a community with similar beliefs, the priorities, and the expectations -- were all they needed to encourage them to continue to make that sacrifice. For the families at Humboldt, knowing that their child is loved by God and the teachers and that they are being prepared to be great leaders, innovators, parents and more is why their children are here.  Besides the safe environment, small class sizes and caring instruction and modeling parents crave, we provide the biblical values and excellent instruction the students need.


We thank you for your prayer and support, which is vital for Humboldt's ministry to continue to many students who need to hear Jesus' story and be impacted by his grace and truth through caring teachers working for academic excellence daily.  It is a privilege for us to serve our Lord. Recently at my 40th reunion at Moody Bible Institute, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for 40 years of ministry in this community and that almost every graduate at the reunion has been and is still working in various ministries. It is a great God we serve!


Once again, a blessed donor offered $50 to every 7/8th grade student, his Generosity Project, which was a blessing to the students, to ministries in Africa, Asia and America. This, along with daily instruction and other special events and projects are 'perks'. Enjoy some of their comments. – Debra Flores


                 Ethan's Generosity Project    

The Generosity Project

My friend Giovannie and I went to the grocery store and bought food essentials for the famished homeless. The food included water, granola bars, fruit cups and many other portable snacks. We walked to an under passage of a bridge and fed a good sum of people. Most of the homeless were kind or quiet and were happy to take pictures. When we ran out of food we bought McDonald's and fed more homeless. When I gave, it made me feel good and I felt excited and happy.  

– Brandon Lam

With my $50 I made care packages to give to the same group as last year when we bought and set up tents. The reason I did this project again was because I learned a lot last year and how they survive during the cold winter. It was sad that most people make fun of them and look down on them.  Thank you for experiences that most people don't get- to help the homeless and see how their life is different from us, that we should appreciate the little stuff we have.

– Nickolas Torres


I used the money to buy blankets, food, water, gloves, Bibles, and hygiene products for the homeless. The first person was very grateful and was very happy that there was a Bible in there. The second person said he only needed a few dollars but thanked us for the bag of items. When I was giving them out, I felt very good and surprised that in times of need, people will turn nothing to something and make it useful.       

- Ethan Cruz        


Teacher Reflections:

I am so thankful for the home visits last week. Parents were welcoming and asked for suggestions about one child's perfectionism and worry. I gave suggestions and examples about how I handle her in school and assured them how it's a blessing to have such a talented and intelligent child. The parents expressed how much they value the school and love the small class sizes. They have been very supportive and helpful to me.  I enjoyed a tour of their home. All visits were closed in prayer, and I mentioned to them that I started their daughter in more advanced work. The next family told me that they had no worries that their child would excel in my class because of the great job I did with their son last year. That was encouraging to hear. I gave specifics about progress and discussed areas of need. The parents shared how their child gets home from school and is swift to review her Math facts and loves reading aloud for the family. –Disha Moreau


Meeting with and talking with families was wonderful. The joy the students had in showing me their rooms was my highlight. I was able to gain greater insight about their personality and likes. I was greatly blessed by the generosity of these families for opening up their home to me. What hit me the most was what these families are going through outside of school. It was wonderful to sit down and talk to the moms of my students and a couple dads. I heard of a couple of situations that I would have not known but with sitting down with them gave time for me to know them deeper. It pushes me to be prayerful for these students and their families, for God to move on behalf of their needs. –Rachael Boblett


Our Alumni:

How thrilled we were to see Maria come back to visit us and to find out she is doing so well in high school. So many of our grads are eager to come back and tell us how much they miss us and how well they are doing in 'life after Humboldt'. Often Maria really struggled in school, both academically and behaviorally, and one spring we were making the difficult decision as to whether she should return in the fall or not. That decision was a catalyst for her to progress in her studies and behavior until graduation, despite the huge obstacles for her at home.




Donation Drive

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Our hope is that God will lead you to pray and support Humboldt families!





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 Our Volunteers:

Things are going well with tutoring the kids, and trusting relationships are developing. I can't say enough good things about HCCS to anyone willing to listen. Each week I leave chuckling to myself about something one of the kids said in their sweet way.  My favorite last week was the girl who said I look 19! They are all God's little jewels in their own individual ways.  – Nancy Sauerberg, Christ Church of OakBrook


Humboldt CCS is very dear to my heart. As a Moody Bible Institute student, I had the opportunity to tutor in the after school program my freshman year. I now observe and help out in different classes. It has brought me such joy to form relationships with the students and see them growing in confidence, knowledge, and in their faith. I believe that Humboldt is a place where children are receiving a firm biblical foundation in each subject and being lavished with unconditional love by their teachers and administrators. The way the Lord is working is clearly on display at this school, and no words can describe the impact it has made on my life. It was here, that my love for children and my desire to become a teacher came alive. Sincerely, Anu Otgonbat