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Newsletter Update

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Humboldt Community Christian School March 2017 Newsletter

From the Principal’s Office:

Are You a "R-A-K" Star? – Students from various grades wrote reflections on "Random Acts of Kindness" shown to them:

~~ "A time I was shown an RAK was when I was traveling to Texas for the first time. When I went into a gas station to buy an ice cream sandwich, I was short a dollar. So I went back to the car and minutes later a man came over with an ice cream sandwich, handed it to my mom, and told her to have a good day. The gracious man was gone, but I wished I could have thanked him."

~~ "When my dad gave me the bad news that my grandma passed away, I was very sad. Then I had to go to school. My teachers and classmates saw me sad....... and gave me a hug and classmates did too. I felt better, and I know my grandma is in a better place."

~~ "One time I was taking the bus home and didn't have money to get the bus. A lady paid for me to get on the bus. I thanked her for helping me. She said, 'You don't have to thank me.' I asked her why, and she said she loves to help people. I was so blessed."

This is one of the ways we are privileged in a Christian school – teaching concepts of kindness, compassion, and humility, emulating principles that lead the King's children to act as the King would have them act. We praise him for the opportunity to see academic, social AND spiritual growth in the lives of students, including many who do not hear of our Lord outside of school.

Another blessing is to be able to lead students to 'act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God', as Micah 6:8 says. Our 7th/8th grade will be meeting migrant laborers coming here from Texas to protest working conditions and help people to see how their lives are daily. SanLucas Church, where our classes serve the homeless, is housing them and is inviting only our students to learn from these people and what they are doing, another opportunity for our students to see examples of and demonstrate "Acts of Kindness" as they serve this group and learn from them. --- Debra Flores

Our Acts of Kindness reach far! Our students were able to raise money for Illini Life Church Campus ministry in southern Illinois.

"We wanted to say 'thank you' for your thoughtful generosity of taking the time to raise $240 for Illini Life. We'll be excited to use this money in outreach and Bibles. It's amazing that young believers care for and support those that are older than them. Like Paul told Timothy, 'Don't let anyone look down on you because you're young.' You guys will be making a BIG impact at University of Illinois, and I'm so excited to tell our students that kids back in Chicago are supporting and praying for them! You're the BEST! And special thanks to Ms. Boblett! I appreciate you thinking of us." – from everyone on staff @ I-Life!

• Thankful for the many presenters at Career day and exciting History Fair projects and presentations from all grades.
• Right when praying for and right after interviewing a potential lunchroom and afterschool worker, Ms. Kim called and said she and her husband had been praying to stay next year, and they will return for 3 days/week. What an answer to prayer! Also Ana Cortez, who is fully certified and has used our systems, started running our lunch program. Praise God!
• We praise God for wonderful partnerships in our neighborhood that benefit our students. We had two artist workshops and were invited to the Art Installation Ceremony on the 606 Trail. Our students also serve meals to homeless people every month at San Lukas Church.

Student Corner:

Notice the alternating of novel, creative ideas with deep spiritual desires in a 'Quick-write' with no prompts or editing :)
"The Best Thing that could ever happen is that I would eat all the macaroons and all the kids would take over the world. And every one wouldn't sin and make Jesus happy. We would never stop playing Xbox3600, and all the people that are sick, deaf, blind and lame would heal. And everyone would never pay and be happy forever, and everything will be made of candy. And no one will lie, steal, cheat... And we will fly and have really cool hair styles and everyone will go with Jesus." – Marcello, 3rd grade

"The Best Thing that could happen to me would be meeting Jesus and having dinner with him. I would go to the park with him and read the Bible a lot. I would ask him if it was hard growing up with people laughing, stoning and making fun of him, telling people he was the Messiah. We could go shopping. We could go swimming. We would always go to the park and get ice cream floats... We would do homework together and challenge each other. Jesus would always be like my brother forever." – Noah, 3rd grade

Generosity Project:

As part of the 7th/8th grade Generosity Project, Magdalena cooked this rice and bought cooked chicken for the men in the homeless shelter her church has. Praise God for the tremendous generosity of a donor who gave $50 to each student to enable them to do minister to others for our Lord!

"I am so grateful for the time, interest and energy that you invest in the Generosity Project. Your students are so precious. Their individual stories are so full of life and caring for needy folks.You must be very proud of them. Let hope Keep You Joyful," – from the donor

“Magdalena was so excited to do this project! Thank you to the donor that blessed the kids with the opportunity to do that. Bless you as well and thank you for all you do for the kids!" - Carmen Medina, parent

Angelo made a plan, learning how much more he could buy, especially going to Aldi with his $50, rather then only being able to buy 12 sandwiches from Subway (with nothing else). With Angelo’s plan and hard work, everyone received a full meal plus snacks and napkins- he thought of everything!