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Building on The Rock

We believe that Christ's example of serving the poor and oppressed is the model we must follow. In keeping with that core belief, our tuition is based on a sliding scale, according to family income. Our desire is to make an excellent Christian education possible for all families. We are committed to raising the funds needed for our operating budget rather than turning away families who cannot afford to pay the full cost of tuition. Approximately 40% of our budget is covered by HCCS families through tuition payments. The remaining 60% is raised through the generous involvement of our staff, area churches, and individual supporters.

Working for roughly half of what they could earn in the public sector, the HCCS staff makes an in-kind contribution to the students and their education of over $150,000 each year. Area churches generously support our children by taking regular offerings and keeping their congregations in touch with the ministry here at HCCS. In addition, many maintenance projects have been accomplished through volunteer groups from these churches.

Individuals, concerned for the education of children in the inner city, have generously supported HCCS with donations of time and money since the beginning. Our mailing list is filled with a wide range of donors from former teachers to excited youth who have had their first chance to give of their time here. Each of them shares our heart for the children in the Humboldt Park area.

By partnering with us through prayer, volunteering your time and talent, and through your financial gifts, you can offer the promise of a better future--not only to the children of HCCS, but to everyone who these children touch as they grow up in the Lord! Help keep a strong Christ-centered education available to all students in the Humboldt Park community!

Another way to support HCCS is by volunteering or shopping at the New To You resale shop in Broadview, IL. Proceeds from sales at the shop support Christian education, including HCCS. Visit the website or call (708) 344-8477 for more information.

Please contact us for more information about how you can help support HCCS, or, if you would like to send a financial gift, please send your gift to:

Humboldt Community Christian School
1847 N. Humboldt Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Thank you!